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Banana Range Wind Farm

The Banana Range Wind Farm project is located in the heart of Central Queensland, approximately 20km west of the town of Biloela and 120km south-west of Gladstone.

The Banana Range features a strong and reliable wind resource in proximity of Powerlink Queensland’s high-voltage transmission network making the area ideal for wind development.

EDF Renewables is committed to helping Australia meet its renewable energy goals, and will continue to invest in the development of new renewables projects across the country.

EDF Renewables’ Offshore Wind Farms Around the World

When built, the first stage of the wind farm will power more than 150,000 Queensland homes it will produce 230MW and help Queensland transition to a modern low-carbon future.

The first stage of the Banana Range Wind Farm has received all planning approvals from the Queensland Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDMIP), and from the Federal Department of the Environment and Energy (DoEE).

This stage comprises 38 ultra-efficient wind turbines with an output of 230MW of competitive, reliable, and renewable power directly contributing to Australia’s transition to sustainable energy.

Particular care has been deployed to minimise the footprint of the project – for instance, a multitude of technical optimisations and the adoption of advanced wind turbine technology led to the reduction from 51 down to 38 wind turbines on Stage 1.

A development application will be lodged with Queensland Government in 2023 to initiate the development of the second stage of the Banana Range Wind Farm project. The proposed Stage 2 consists of 37 turbines for a total capacity of 222MW. EDF Renewables has been liaising with affected landholders, neighbours and the relevant authorities as part of the planning work.

The Banana Range Wind Farm project is expected to start construction in 2025 and be operational in 2026.

Next Steps

38 wind turbines

Wind Resource

Essential to the viability of the project is the confirmation of the quality of the wind resource.

To that effect, four meteorological masts have been installed on top of the Banana Range to measure and record a multitude of wind parameters feeding directly into the engineering design.

A minimum of 12-month data acquisition is required to finalise the field development layout.

Grid Connection

The Banana Range Wind Farm is the most advanced project in the region with regards to grid connection process.

The project Connection Application was lodged with Powerlink Queensland in 2022 and the project Generator Performance Standard is now ready to be submitted to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) to undertake its assessment under the National Electricity Rules.


Major contracts for the wind turbines supply & installation, operations & maintenance, and civil & electrical will be developed in preparation to be executed at time of the final investment decision.

Regional capability to provide minor contract goods and services are currently being mapped. All local businesses interested in supplying goods and services are welcome to express an interest by submitting this form.

Field Development

Stage 1 has received all necessary planning approvals and is well into the development phase. Land agreements have been secured for Stage 2 and planning approvals will be lodged in 2023.

Project Timeline

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Final Investment Decision
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