The Banana Range Wind Farm project is located approximately 120km south-west of Gladstone and 20 km west of the town of Biloela in Central Queensland.

The project is currently in the feasibility phase and when constructed it will comprise up to 50 wind turbines with a power output of of approximately 180 MW. The project could potentially include large-scale battery energy storage as well.

The project is located on the Banana Range in an area of strong wind resources with an existing high voltage (132kV) transmission line  running through the project site. The winds at the site are much stronger during the night and thus the energy produced from the project would be a good match to daytime solar energy produced from rooftop solar or large solar farms. The close proximity of the powerline means that the project can be built very economically compared to other locations.

Location PlanV2.jpg

The construction period for the entire project will be around 24 months.

The Wind Farm is currently in the feasibility phase with work being undertaken on the technical, environmental, social and economic aspects of the project. If the feasibility study demonstrates a viable project, then it is intended that construction would commence in late 2020.