The construction of the Wind Farm will be a significant investment of approximately $250 - $350 million and take up to 2 years to fully complete. At its peak the workforce that will be involved in construction is expected to be at least 100 people.

It is expected that a many of the construction jobs will be filled from people within an hours’ drive of the project site. Most of the construction work involves tasks which are common to a number of other industries including road making, pouring concrete and laying electrical cable. A large proportion of the construction contractors for the project are therefore expected to be sourced from the Central Queensland region utilising local employees.

There will also be some wind farm specialist roles that would need to come from elsewhere in QLD, and in this case, these workers will stay at hotels and other accommodation in the nearby area.

Once the Wind Farm is operational, there will be around 10 – 15 permanent staff and these staff will live in close proximity to the project and commute daily from their homes.